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4 Powerful WordPress Drag & Drop Page Builder Plugins (Compared) 2021

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In a simple line, WordPress is the easiest and most straightforward method of developing your website. Nowadays, WordPress is readily used in the market that one out of four websites you are visiting is created by it. Moreover, this software is open-source content management that means anyone can use it to modify websites. If you are looking for professional in this sector, it is wise to connect with Web Development Services in Delhi at the foremost. 

What are the Top 4 WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builder Plugins of 2021?

The efficiency of WordPress Drop Page Builder depends on five important aspects. They are:

  • Interface
  • Styling Elements
  • Widgets/Templates
  • Some Notable Features
  • Lock-in

Here are four essential and most demanded WordPress Drop Page Builder Plugins of 2021:

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a separate community that helps makes developing website easy and reliable. Moreover, it generates clean code that is popular among the end-users. The developers of this software provide periodic updates that add new and innovative features. This software is so advanced that it offers an excellent interface to the frontend visuals builders. 

Developers can use the full screen to create a website that is not regular with other WordPress software. Moreover, you can get up to 6 modules in the trial version, but you can use the standard widgets of WordPress. 


One of the newest versions in WordPress Drop Page Builder Plugin page is gaining heights at a considerable rate. Therefore, you can understand the effectiveness of the software in the market. 

In less than a year, there are more than 4,000,000 installs of Elementor. It provides all the developer needs, such as quick, total glitch-free, easy styling options, high-end visual interface, and innovative features that make it second in this list. 

Moreover, Elementor provides three styling labs that help in top-notch editing. It also offers the best styling sets for any page builders. Developers can control the advance setting, besides typography, backgrounds, colours, and background. 

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a renewed version of Thrive Content Builder. Due to the massive update, several changes add tons of innovative features. If you are using Thrive Architect, you can use elements from the list that you need. Just drag them in the page, and the features are added. Due to such advanced handling, Thrive Architect has ranked third in this list. 

Divi Builder

Divi Builders helps the developer to edit contents using both back end interface and visual front end interface. Some of the renowned WordPress Plugin does not provide such unique features. Therefore professionals are relying on it blindly. Moreover, it offers more than 45 modules that make designing the page easy. 

The Top 4 WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builder Plugin is presented according to their features and demand from professionals in this list. If you want to have detail knowledge, contact a reputed Web Development Company in DelhiThey have intricate experience and will help you build a unique website that can rule the online market. 

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