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State Services White Label PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Management Services


Trusted White Label PPC Management Services Guide

The experience we hold assures the right management over your Pay Per Click need. We have been servicing our best along with our PPC management division which assures your business to be the one of progress. As experts, we also ensure the best with, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and acting as your Digital Marketing Agency.

So, why wait, when you can keep track over your PPC campaigns today? We assure the complete accountability and commitment over results.

White Label PPC

A process by which an Agency offers its clients the PPC services, delivered by another company which acts under their brand. It depends on the White Label provider whether they are providing services and leaving one to have a talk and meet with the client or offer the full services for one to scale. For ones associated with us receive, Sales support, Campaign management, Branded reporting, Client Communications and meeting with a consultation.

Plan and set Goals- Setters of successful PPC campaign

We work with you and your clients identifying the outcomes and knowing the goals towards achievements. Goals can be either of these related- Sales, Leads, Website Traffic, App promotion, Brand Awareness and Reach Product and Brand consideration.The setting of critical Clients PPC Metrics and KPIs

We as your strategic partner, identify metrics and conversions and keep note towards the achievers of goals.

  • 1. Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • 2. ROI/ROAS
  • 3. Clicks and Quality Scores
All of the above-mentioned come within the same.

Available Top PPC platforms?

Google Ads- The management program connected to Google Ads, is not just popular around in the advertising network but also with us. With the percentage Google commands over the search market share, it is one platform, we assure not to avoid and ensure you to choose the best as per your goals. The campaign won’t just ensure your clients’ ads are visible but make sure it to be specific in targeting ads. Search and display network campaigns, remarketing and video campaigns, all are included within the same.

Microsoft Advertising or Bing Ads, MSN, Yahoo and AOL With an exceptional working Microsoft Advertising, we ensure your White Label Bing Ads program gets your clients to access over, Lower CPCs, Solid ROI, Higher value audience and access over the researchers over Bing, MSN, Yahoo, YOL and the associated.

Google My Business (GMB) Advertising Being the 2nd most popular program, we ensure the campaign to exclusively attract local customers. Understanding how staggering it is the availability of Sheer number of local clients to agencies, we bring your client the benefit of:

  • 1. Online-ads, quick and easy
  • 2. Pay only when there is Click on ads
  • 3. Attracting customers to client website or the Google Maps listing
  • 4. A wide reach over customers on computers and mobile devices

Facebook Ads Being on top with popular programs in social media characterization, Facebook Ads is our focus as it being different than the search advertising. Understanding the Facebook Ads working with the interest of users we ensure the usage of same for brand awareness.

Targeting can be complex but Facebook Ads, delivers result and this is why our highly trained staff members work on the same to present the best. Some of the variety in Facebook Ad types:

  • 1. Traffic Ads
  • 2. Enagagement Ads
  • 3. Conversion Ads
  • 4. Lead Genration Ads

For the clients, this is useful by all means and this is why we suggest them to consider this in their PPC budgets, as a part of the additional cost.

YouTube Ads Second, to Facebook, the YouTube advertising programs are a great effort for video marketing. It provides promotion to the client business by restriction over “Who sees the video ads.” We as your White Label PPC service providers assure the right advantage of the platform to reach you. The campaigns also assure the clients a reach over the right customers and a means to attract new ones. Choose between the ad types, TrueView Ads, Preroll Ads and other associated ones and assure the rest with us.

Instagram Marketing As an exceptional add-on for our Facebook advertisers, Instagram Marketing is a means to post sponsored content on the platform for reaching a larger audience. We assure the usage to bring along the brand exposure, better website traffic with new leads and conversion over current ones. In other words, it's more of a supporting than a primary campaign.
With an understanding over how the Instagram platform works, we ensure with a little of your clients increased budget the Instagram handle to have the set of images and videos to reach client’s audience with the Instagram ads. Remember, it is an effective platform and a little increased budget will be a benefit for the future. Instagram Ads include

  • 1. Image, Carousel, Story and Video Ads
  • 2. Sponsored Ads
  • 3. Mapped- Guided Ads
  • 4. IGTV Ads

LinkedIn Ads For Account-Based Marketing, LinkedIn Ads are an effective mode being a powerful PPC advertising platform. With use over same, we assure your client message to reach the extreme targeted B2B audiences by placing ads on prominent pages throughout the LinkedIn site. It offers access over,

  • 1. Tremendous audience
  • 2. Accurate Targeting
  • 3. Individuals in the client’s target
  • 4. Account-Based Marketing campaigns
LinkedIn offers variety in Ad types,
  • 1. LinkedIn sponsored content
  • 2. Text Ads
  • 3. LinkedIn Sponsored InMail
  • 4. Programmatic Display and LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

Twitter Ads Effective by nature, it is a means to build a fantastic network for large and small business clients. A little of promoted tweets get your clients to reach millions around and offer them growth in the community of high-value followers. Using same, your clients get targeting options and ability for monitoring ads real-time. Benefits that come with our Twitter campaigns are

  • 1. Clients PPC
  • 2. Keyword Targeting
  • 3. Tailored audiences
  • 4. Cost per click on social media is lowest herein
  • 5. Tweet Engager Targeting

White Label PPC Services include

  • 1. Trained account representative to meet with the clients on your behalf. They ensure them to be informed on PPC campaigns as per your meeting schedule choice, as per the plan.
  • 2. Daily email reporting, weekly organic vs PPC comparison report, unlimited PPC management phone support. By all means, communication will be unparalleled.
  • 3. A detailed keyword and ROI analysis for ensuring the best over PPC investment. Focus is laid upon both costs per lead and conversion for increasing the right traffic for your client.
  • 4. PPC bid management with campaign analysis including negative keyword analysis, a/b split testing and unlimited managed keywords.
  • 5. Access to your client over technologies measuring traffic visits to site and conversions later.
  • 6. We also ensure your client to receive access over technology which helps in monitoring the quality of them as well.

Is sales support available with White Label PPC?

We assure your client's assistance with a trained and experienced staff dedicated towards growing bottom line of our agency partners. They experience in selling PPC management services help us to step forward with a hand to represent your company through sales processes.
Hire us and assure a complete set of professional sales staff who care about your image and conduct a presentation, client meetings using conference calls, webinar, all under your brand name. We also ensure proper education to our partners in aspects of current PPC strategies and understanding over same to be utilized for mixed marketing to generate measurable ROI and offer clients, the results.

Staff members that handle the client’s account

With a dedication over client satisfaction, we ensure team approach while assigning primary and secondary level staff to every account and ensure client’s business never at a halt during holidays, vacation and illness.
As your White Label PPC service provider, we provide you with qualified professionals team who monitor the results, continuously.

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