Boost Your Conversion Using Facebook Ads Targeting

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One of the most crucial metrics social marketers track on Facebook are conversion rates. A conversion rate typically denotes the point at which users convert from being browsers to buyers. For digital marketing in Delhi, conversions are the topmost priority. A reasonable conversion rate is one of the best measures of success. It is the key to deliver a strong ROI. It is not about driving purchases; it is also to drive actions from the customer’s end.

On the other hand, PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising is also a great way to bring more revenue at home. In PPC advertising, businesses running ads are charged when users click on the advertisements. If you haven’t yet launched a successful PPC campaign, get one from the best PPC management company in Punjabi Bagh.

Facebook ranks as the best social media site that drives effective. Thus businesses need to acquire creative and strategic Facebook ads to boost your business. The best part of Facebook is. It allows you to create your PPC ads within the ads manager. Facebook has 1.49 billion active users, which is the largest number in comparison to other social media platforms.

A Facebook ad has many potential benefits for your business. Take a glance at the exceptional benefits of Facebook ads:

Low-cost marketing strategy: There is no other way better than Facebook at a considerably low budget. With a limited marketing budget, small businesses can escalate their brand positioning and other essential marketing features.

Target existing and potential customers: You can communicate with your potential customers through images and content. You can earn great success if you can share related information that is interesting for others. It also helps your business to increase credibility and promotes the business with a long-term relationship.

Excellent customer support: Customer can raise service related queries and provide feedback in the comment section. This is often more efficient because it is visible and accessible to a mass audience.

Raise brand awareness: You can also enhance your business status by encouraging your customer to hit the like button. Once they hit the like button, they receive future updates on their wall. This way, other Facebook users can easily find your business. It is a great way to build brand awareness and associate with potential users. Customers can post complimentary messages regarding your services and products.

Steer organic traffic to your website: The most significant benefit of Facebook is surplus traffic. Visitors who surf your website are likely to get attracted by your product or service. They are more receptive than any average visitors. They already have a rough idea about your business can get motivated to click on your website.

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How much should I invest in ads on Facebook?

It is a difficult choice for a business owner to determine budget allocation. Digital marketing in Delhi has got remarkable popularity, and the agencies are good at providing you the right budget plan. Every business has a different set of customer base; as per the business goals, digital marketing companies suggest you different budget plans.

  • Budgets entirely depend on the campaigns and targeted audience. It is advisable to set higher budget plans for effective campaigns.
  • You can start with a small amount first and analyze the effectiveness of the one, and move forward accordingly.
  • When you gather enough data, double-down on the campaigns.
  • Avoid all non-performing ads set to minimize your budget.

Ultimate Hacks to Leverage your PPC Data on Facebook

VIP Socializer

Quality Score is used to search for a relevant score on Facebook. You might have the idea that maintaining high Quality score is hugely beneficial to get better results with less budget. Quality Score as an ad’s click-through rate relevant to things such as keywords, landing page, etc. determines a score of 1 to 10. If you can score above 5, you can get a discount for each click.

On the other hand, Facebook’s relevance score works in a similar way. Likewise, CTR plays a significant role in determining the Quality Score of the ad. Moreover, post engagement plays a crucial role to determine the relevance score.

You have to focus on being a ‘VIP Socializer’ on Facebook. Here the three strategies can get your job done:

  • Steal the highest CTR ad copy.
  • Be creative from general paid search or display ads.
  • Repurpose the advertisements on Facebook.

Be a social stalker

PPC search click adds up. On a handful of clicks, business owners spent a lot amount of money on paid searches. Marketing is a bit of a creepy task to hit the market. With almost daily updates, new techniques are being introduced. When you are dealing with Facebook, try not to remarket to each individual who visits your site, instead stick to a small percentage that is likely to buy.

Make sure you know the fine line between GDN (Google’s Display Network) and Facebook campaigns. For example, one can remarket to visitors who came in through search in with specific interests, age groups, etc. On the other hand, Facebook’s remarketing allows us to get exact information to go after visitors interested in your brand. PPC management company in Punjabi Bagh can guide your PPC on Facebook. 

Cloning the Cream

I am sure you haven’t think of it yet to expand your audience further. Cloning is possible with the power of lookalike audiences. They allow us to reach more people who share similar traits with the existing customer base (age, interests, and gender, for example).

You can combine the power of lookalike audiences with your existing customers who have already converted through search to fetch demographically equal people to target. It can be done with conversion pixels from the PPC landing page. You can build a lookalike audience on Facebook and expand your boundaries to get more customers. The new audience has a better likelihood to convert, as their clones have converted in the first place.

More to know

Besides the three great methods, you can also acquire new strategies like:

  • FTO (fast take off) method
  • Optimization of ad schedule
  • Fight ad fatigue with ad rotation
  • Optimize ad placement 

Boost your business with digital marketing in Delhi and get potential customers through Facebook ad campaigns.

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