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How do SEO and SEM Complement Each Other?

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With the change in Google’s policy for web rankings, it has become more than difficult to rank better. This is why more and more companies are using both SEO and SEM together to bring desirable results. But the question is, can SEO and SEM be used together? Well, the answer is YES. they can be used together. In fact, both SEO and SEM complement each other very well. However, you need to take Digital Marketing Services in Delhi to ensure you stay on the right track while using both the tools to your advantage. So here, let’s understand the basic concepts of SEO and SEM.

What is SEO and SEM?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a proven way of improving the site’s visibility for making the search page appear better in the organic search result.

Search engine marketing or SEM is a proven way to generate traffic by purchasing promotions on various web engines.

How are SEO and SEM complementary?

When used correctly, SEO and SEM can work together to help achieve desirable results for the company. However, to ensure their proper functioning, one must hire a Digital Marketing Company in Delhi. Until then, let’s check out how SEO and SEM are related.

1.           Both SEO and SEM use keyword

SEO and SEM using appropriate keywords drive traffic to a website page. The individuals using the web crawlers will look for something they want and will have the option to find it either by paid or organic search results.

2.           The basic purpose of SEO and SEM is to gain traffic

Both SEO and SEM work to drive traffic to a site. Every e-commerce needs traffic to run properly and achieve desired results. This is where SEM helps them achieve momentary objectives while SEO is meant for longer-term objectives.

Search Engine Optimisation is a proven way to drive traffic, but it isn’t easy to achieve results from it as one needs to start with one keyword and then move to another one. Thus, it is clear that SEO requires laborious work, which is similar to a mother’s affection for caring for her kid. This state SEO requires a good amount of time to produce huge traffic on a website.

While SEM, on the other side can bring in fast results. Although they are not free to use, they help drive a good amount of traffic to a site when you are sitting back wishing for your SEO campaign to work.

However, your SEM will only work properly until you help from a good Digital Marketing Company in Delhi. The professional’s help will ensure your marketing campaign stays on top, and you achieve your desired results in the shortest time possible.

How do SEO and SEM uses keywords?

To bring in good traffic and to get the most exposure, one must use SEO. It must be used to pick up traffic for essential keywords, while SCM must be used for extra keywords. When you see your SEO campaign is bringing in results, utilizing SEM, along with SEO, can prompt amazing outcomes.  

For the visitors on Google or other search engines, make sure to use the right keywords to make them visit your page. Further, make sure to consistently explore new keywords to keep the records on your website fresh.

SEM, on the other side, offers a favorable outcome for directing traffic from profoundly competing keywords. Also, with SEM, you need not utilize similar keywords in every record.

Thus, using both SEM and SEO deliberately and doing keyword research using a platform like Google AdWords keyword tool will help increase your traffic to a great extent.


It is clear that using SEO and SEM together can bring in great results. However, to ensure you get the best out of it, it is essential to take Digital Marketing Services in Delhi. Connecting with the best service provider will sure all of your strategies work together to drive more and more traffic to your website, ensuring you achieve your results.

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